About Us

Our Difference?

Our Difference is Your Advantage

What makes us different from all of the other commercial real estate firms in Spokane? For starters, we are the only commercial real estate firm in Eastern Washington with an emphasis in representation of tenants and buyers ("Tenant Reps"). We also believe we are set apart by our:

Undivided Loyalty

At Dowers Commercial, we believe it is extremely difficult, if even possible at all, for one person to adequately represent both parties in a real estate transaction. We feel there is value to our clients by representing only one side of a transaction. That is, avoiding dual agency. Read more about our philosophy >

Client Relationships

We are a relationship-driven company, not transaction-driven. Our growth and the services we offer are driven by our client's needs, rather than growth as a goal in itself. Our desire is NOT necessarily to be the biggest commercial real estate firm or to be all things to all people. Rather, the goal is to be the best at the service we offer.


Dowers Commercial understands that every client is different and the type of service and extent of our involvement will vary depending on your needs. We utilize a very thorough process for working out the best real estate solutions for our clients, but ultimately we adapt the process to meet each client's individual needs and expectations

Partnership Approach

Dowers Commercial undertakes each real estate assignment as a partnership with our client. Our objective is to maintain open communication and work together with you on your project. Ongoing dialog between us and the appropriate decision-makers of your business is vital, in terms of both the success of the project as well as in making any necessary adjustments in the way we approach the project to ensure that our service meets your expectations.

Focus on Your Success

Dowers Commercial approaches each transaction from the perspective of how the real estate component can contribute to the profitability and success of your business. We are committed to helping you find real estate solutions that help your business succeed because to us, it's a long-term relationship, not just a transaction.


Dowers Commercial places the utmost importance on doing the right thing, honoring our clients and treating all the parties involved in the transaction ethically and with respect.

Over 20 years of success in Spokane has proven that our clients do indeed recognize and appreciate Our Difference.