Project Management
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Dowers Commercial is the only commercial real estate firm in the region that offers Project Management services. With over 25 years of experience in managing construction projects ranging from tenant improvements to high-rise office buildings, we can be trusted to oversee the entire process of getting your space or building ready for a successful launch of your new operations, or for a seamless relocation of your existing business.

The scope of our Project Management services is always tailored to suit the client’s specific needs, but may include:

Although the depth of the Project Manager’s ("PM”) involvement is decided by the client early in the process, your PM’s job can typically be summed up as follows:

Consider your Project Manager a temporary staff member who will be the primary point person and be responsible for overseeing your construction or renovation/relocation project, including establishing, coordinating, and managing the entire Project Team and project process.

A Project Manager is brought on board to take-on the lion’s share of workload related to your relocation or renovation project, allowing your staff to stay focused on the usual responsibilities of their jobs, their area of expertise. The PM should be familiar enough with your business’ wants and needs, work flow and operational processes to be able to respond to consultants and vendors on your behalf, while consulting with you on key matters and keeping you informed and involved to whatever degree you want to be.

Some clients find that having Dowers Commercial represent them on the acquisition of their property or space, as well as in the management of the preparation of their space, give them what we like to call the "Turnkey Advantage”.