Turnkey Service
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Would you benefit by having one point of contact to represent you through the acquisition (leasing or purchasing) of your property, as well as the construction and/or preparation of the property or space for your occupancy? In many cases, there are advantages in this approach:

Dowers Commercial is your one point of contact for all things related to your real estate matters. Having your Tenant Rep and Project Manager services combined means one less "coordination point” resulting in simpler and better communication.

Through the acquisition phase, the Tenant Rep firm will strive to become an "expert” in the way your business works and your specific requirements. The more we understand about your business, the more we can help you establish key relevant criteria for your ideal real estate solution.

Typically, the work of the Tenant Rep and the Project Manager will overlap making the phased handoff to the Project Manager a seamless transition with no gaps for orientation. Taking that a step further, at Dowers Commercial it’s common for one individual to take on both the Tenant Rep and Project Manager roles.